Gym etiquette 

I know I just posted yesterday but after todays gym session, I feel like I have to get this off my chest.

I entered the gym this morning and a group of 3 girls were all working out together on different equiptment. I walked past them over to the squat rack which clearly one of them intended to use after their current exercise because as soon as I put my bright pink towel down , she dropped her stuff and moved straight towards it while I had my back turned. So there I was, standing around while she began to squat with my towel hanging there as if it or for that matter I didn’t even exist.

I try to avoid confrontation when possible and decided I WAS in a good enough mood so I casually but VERY obviously gathered my things and asked how much longer she would need to which she glanced at her friends and replied half an hour. RUDE? When I returned 20 minutes later, guess who was taking selfies with her friends by the squat rack? She looked pretty uncomfortable for the remainder of her workout as I shot her looks of death from across the room.

For the sake of humanity, please don’t be a gym slut. You can’t mess around with 4 different types of equipment at the same time and think that leaving all your various belongings everywhere means you’ve now reserved them for when it’s convenient for you. NO. There’s no such thing. Wait your turn like every other human being.

Also, we are not paying the same fee  so that I can clean up after you. When you’re done with that 25kg barbell, put it away. Not only is it irritating when it’s lying in the middle of the floor, my arms are pretty much sticks and I couldn’t lift it out of the way even if I wanted to.

Oh and while you are at it, wipe the equipment when you’re done. Though I’d love a swim after my workout, it shouldn’t be in a pool of your sweat.

And lastly, if you’re going to use the leg press as a seat to browse your Facebook newsfeed for the next 25 minutes, you can just leave. Or just don’t come back. Ever. *Mic drop*

I feel so much better already! How is everyones thursday going?
-A Pearl of the Orient.