I’m sorry for what I said while I was hungry

You’ve all heard of the newly coined term “Hangry“.

According to dictionary.com the word is defined as : (Adj) To be irritable as a result of being hungry.

I bet you’re nodding your head now because you can instantly relate as can hundreds of other people who are regularly affected. It’s a horrible emotion isn’t it? I feel like I take it to a whole new level though and the word ‘Irritable’ doesn’t cut it. When I’m hangry, all hell breaks loose and the poor souls around me have to pay the price – especially my boyfriend and you don’t want to be him or the delivery guy who is five minutes late for that matter.

Now, to people who are not slaves to their emotions, this sounds like an excuse to behave like an Oger and get away with it but I promise you this is a very REAL mental state.The only thing I can do to reduce the suffering of those around me and myself is to take preventative measures and quickly recognize the signs of being hangry so I can promptly bring the situation under control.

You know you’re hangry when:
1) Your stomach is grumbling in 2 second intervals. These noises are there for a reason! They are an audible warning sign screaming: FEED ME NOW. When you get the feeling that your stomach is ingesting itself, you’re already too late. You’ve probably already insulted an old lady and stolen a toddlers Lollipop.

2) Everyone starts to irritate you. Suddenly a joke someone just pulled that would’ve had you on the floor an hour ago makes you want to slap them across face…with a brick.

3) The only language you speak is Sarcasm. Everything that comes out of your mouth is sarcastic or extremely negative and any comment on why I’m pulling such a long face will be met with a snide retort of why you woke up this morning looking like Jabba the Hut.

4) You lose the ability to concentrate on anything except for what you’re planning to eat. Images of mouth-watering burgers and golden fries dripping in glorious oil swim in your mind and any tasks involving some form of common sense are beyond you. All that’s left is your shell of a body and the animal instinct to devour everything in sight.

Luckily there are always a few remedies to avoid such outbreaks.

  1. Eat breakfast. For the love of humanity, do it! Eating a healthy and whole breakfast ensures that you start the day with a full belly and high spirits . In the worst case scenario that you haven’t yet had the chance to eat breakfast number 4, you’re not running on fumes.
  2. Drink lots of water. It really curbs your appetite and keeps you full ( to a certain extent of course).
  3. Always carry something to munch on in your bag. A cereal bar, some rice cakes or even a Snickers because: Du bist nicht du, wenn du Hungrig bist 😉

Have a great start to the week and stay happy! – A Pearl of the Orient.