How to handle that hangover.

The weekend has arrived and with it, the promise of another night out spent dancing your troubles away. That, and perhaps one tequila shot too many. So how do you handle that hangover from hell you ask? Here’s the biggest secret of all: Just don’t drink.

I got you didn’t I. Don’t be alarmed, I am not here to convince you to give up your ways or face eternal damnation. I’m just here to help you be more responsible about them.
I’m sure some are thinking: “Well, I don’t need alcohol to have fun!” and I salute you. To those who believe otherwise, a comforting quote:

I hate when people say you don’t need alcohol to have fun. Well you don’t need running shoes to run but it sure helps“.- Unknown (but genius).

I’m going to start the show with some preventative measures:

It’s common knowledge to not mix your drinks throughout the night. However, in the case of an open bar or that one friend handing you different shots left, right and centre it’s easier said than done but your future self will kiss your feet for it. In addition, I’d highly recommend a glass of water between every drink. Yes, EVERY drink. I’ve done this many times and it’ll make a world of difference. The fact that you may need to pee like a water buffalo is only a minor inconvenience in comparison. Those trips to the bathroom are also a great way to gage your state of mind. If you’re sitting on the toilet/ leaning on the wall and giggling to yourself or are beginning to talk to your reflection in the mirror, you should probably slow down a tad.

Now, if you’re in the cab home realising the damage has been done, you’ve got to have a plan of action for the next 24 hours.

First of all, eat. Pizza, chinese noodles, kebaps, the world is your oyster. In the case of nausea, I would skip this step. You can however order a meal online (if you’re able) and set the delivery time for around noon the next day so you’ll firstly, be forced to get out of bed and secondly, have a steaming hot meal to cure you of your misery. Then, force yourself to drink at least a litre of water and have a Panadol at the ready on your night stand. I would remind you to go brush your teeth but you know you won’t because by this time you will have already dived into bed. Should the world be rotating too fast for your liking as you lay down, leaving one leg to hang off the bed and touch the floor apparently helps to reduce the spinning.

In the morning, you’ve just got to accept that you’re a disaster and will not have a productive day. You already feel like crap, no need to pile on the guilt. When you’ve gathered the courage to leave the bed, go and shower! You’ll no longer reek of last nights decisions and you’ll feel much fresher afterwards. Then, grab a bottle of pop ( Pepsi is my personal favourite), assume the fetal position on the couch and switch to Netflix even if  you’re going to fall into a coma anyway. Should you manage to wake up before 7PM, go for a walk. I know it sounds absurd, but fresh air in your system will do wonders.

There you have it. The true guide to handle a hangover like a BOSS.
After having passed on such “wisdom” I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Happy hangovers!

– A Pearl of the Orient.






Autumn/Winter Skin care


As much as I’d like to deny it, the days of Summer are long gone and with it, flawless, sun-kissed skin leaving us exposed to the ‘harsh’ elements of nature. The colder seasons tend to take a toll on ones skin whether it be cracked lips, an itchy scalp or a bumpy face but fear not, I come today bearing wisdom!

1. Use Moisturiser

During the cold months, your skin can become incredibly dry and failing to find a decent moisturiser could leave you looking like a very worn piece of leather. Make sure to take a much thicker moisturiser than you would use in the summer and apply a few times daily, in particular within 3 minutes of stepping out of the shower to lock in as much moisture as possible. I personally like to use Nivea’s Rich Nourishing Body Moisturizer for dry skin. It’s affordable, thick, creamy and has a pretty neutral scent. Crabtree & Evelyn’s Pomegranate, argan and grapeseed hand cream is always in my bag for when my hands get crackly. It also just happens to smell really great! 😉

2. Drink Water

As important as it is to hydrate your skin from the outside, it’s easy to forget that you need to also hydrate from within. Skin is often a reflection of your diet and water intake so make sure to drink your 8 cups a day and flush all those toxins out. This is pretty easy to do over the winter, especially if you’re a green tea lover like me!

3. Take shorter showers

When it’s freezing out, all you want to do is stand under a hot stream of water for all eternity and contemplate the meaning of life . Ironically, even that strips your skin of moisture leaving it dull, flakey and not to mention itchy. Try to limit your showers to ten minutes long and lower the temperature as much as possible.

4. Wipe off your makeup and use facial wash

Though this is important all year round, it’s even more critical now. You don’t need to give your skin even more excuses to break out. Bebe young care’s moisturising makeup wipes are quick and convenient and do a good job of ridding my skin of any product. A good facial wash will remove dirt from the face and promote dead skin cell turnover .Try to purchase one that doesn’t contain alcohol as once again, it’ll suck you dry. I’ve recently started using one from Aok which contains white tea extract because I found that Neutrogena’s Grapefruit face wash was making my skin worse.

5. Green tea bags
Despite your efforts, it’s inevitable that you’ll still occasionally break out. In the case that you pick a pimple, which you know you shouldn’t ( but will end up doing because it’s impossible to resist) put a green tea bag in some hot water and once it’s not scalding hot, place it on the affected area for a few minutes. You should notice reduced swelling and redness almost instantly and it should look much better the next day. I swear by this method, it’s saved me so many times!

6. Invest in a good primer

If you’re bothered by the sight of a rough complexion, I’d highly recommend the use of a primer. I use Loreal’s Studio secrets smoothing resurfacing primer in problematic areas before I put on my foundation. It smoothens any bumps I have on my face and feels super silky. The product also lasts very long as you only need to apply a small amount each time.

7. Treat Yourself

And lastly, treat yourself to a nourishing face mask and an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians once in a while!

– A Pearl of the Orient

I’m sorry for what I said while I was hungry

You’ve all heard of the newly coined term “Hangry“.

According to the word is defined as : (Adj) To be irritable as a result of being hungry.

I bet you’re nodding your head now because you can instantly relate as can hundreds of other people who are regularly affected. It’s a horrible emotion isn’t it? I feel like I take it to a whole new level though and the word ‘Irritable’ doesn’t cut it. When I’m hangry, all hell breaks loose and the poor souls around me have to pay the price – especially my boyfriend and you don’t want to be him or the delivery guy who is five minutes late for that matter.

Now, to people who are not slaves to their emotions, this sounds like an excuse to behave like an Oger and get away with it but I promise you this is a very REAL mental state.The only thing I can do to reduce the suffering of those around me and myself is to take preventative measures and quickly recognize the signs of being hangry so I can promptly bring the situation under control.

You know you’re hangry when:
1) Your stomach is grumbling in 2 second intervals. These noises are there for a reason! They are an audible warning sign screaming: FEED ME NOW. When you get the feeling that your stomach is ingesting itself, you’re already too late. You’ve probably already insulted an old lady and stolen a toddlers Lollipop.

2) Everyone starts to irritate you. Suddenly a joke someone just pulled that would’ve had you on the floor an hour ago makes you want to slap them across face…with a brick.

3) The only language you speak is Sarcasm. Everything that comes out of your mouth is sarcastic or extremely negative and any comment on why I’m pulling such a long face will be met with a snide retort of why you woke up this morning looking like Jabba the Hut.

4) You lose the ability to concentrate on anything except for what you’re planning to eat. Images of mouth-watering burgers and golden fries dripping in glorious oil swim in your mind and any tasks involving some form of common sense are beyond you. All that’s left is your shell of a body and the animal instinct to devour everything in sight.

Luckily there are always a few remedies to avoid such outbreaks.

  1. Eat breakfast. For the love of humanity, do it! Eating a healthy and whole breakfast ensures that you start the day with a full belly and high spirits . In the worst case scenario that you haven’t yet had the chance to eat breakfast number 4, you’re not running on fumes.
  2. Drink lots of water. It really curbs your appetite and keeps you full ( to a certain extent of course).
  3. Always carry something to munch on in your bag. A cereal bar, some rice cakes or even a Snickers because: Du bist nicht du, wenn du Hungrig bist 😉

Have a great start to the week and stay happy! – A Pearl of the Orient.


Ready to find your prince?

I love my mum and she’s taught me more valuable lessons in my life then I can count.
Granted she didn’t always use the gentlest of means to teach me but I mean … most korean mums don’t. But we’ll get to my hilarious and memorable upbringing another time.

My mum made me aware of the law of attraction at a very young age and always reminded me to clearly visualise and consciously work towards what I wanted in the future- the cosmos would handle the rest. This involved multiple drawings of mansions and future houses i would live in and of the man i would one day marry. But a quickly scribbled drawing of a man in purple crayon can only do so much. So she told me to write a list of all the most important attributes my future prince charming would have to have and keep it safe. Ofcourse I wanted to jot down every positive adjective recorded in the dictionary but after some careful reconsideration and multiple edits, i had done it and was content with the Prince i had conjured on paper.

As obvious as it seems now, it was only a few days ago when i randomly started thinking about my list from all those years ago ( which i still have by the way) that i realised how genius it actually is . I can only recommend you write your own for the following reasons:

1) The Law of attraction. I absolutely believe that the things we truly desire and envision have a way of finding their way to us. Unfortunately, nothing comes without a little elbow grease which leads me to my next point.

2) A list will help you reflect on your own character…yes, i’m talking about all your negative aspects too! Once you’ve acknowledged your own weaknesses , you’re ready to work on them and make sure that YOU are the person your prince would want to be with. Ever heard of the saying: ”Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity”? Well this is that. Increase your chances while you’re ahead.

3)It’s okay to have set standards! You don’t have to waste time kissing every single frog in the pond because you’ll recognise when someone checks the blank boxes. If you’re just looking for fun, that’s ok too but when it really comes down to it,  you’ll be able to distinguish between a summer fling and something that may be leading somewhere ( excuse the vague language).

So what are you waiting for? Grab that pen & paper and let the universe handle the rest. What 3 qualities are at the top of your list?

– A Pearl of the Orient.